Colleagues I most often consult with

Dr. V. Akbarkhanzadeh, psychiatrist BIG number 59051385901
Drs. Audrey Kraft, psychotherapist BIG number 09043050316
Drs. Els Nanne, Psychotherapeut BIG number 59045344716
Drs. Jaap Dekker, Psychotherapeut BIG number 59047833716
Drs, Erik van der Werve, psychologist and relationship and family therapist.

And of course I work in cooperation with your own general practitioner/huisarts and as needed with other medical specialists who are treating you.

In the case of expats,when I am unable to take on new clients I often refer to expat counsellors in the ACCESS network. Some are BIG registered and many are not and can only be seen if you are paying out- of- pocket.
A complete list of the ACCESS counsellors can be found on the ACCESS website.