The therapy journey

A doctor's referral is required if using your Dutch insurance. The referral must have the complete doctor information including the doctor's personal AGB code, your identifying information, a description of the problem for which you are being referred and whether or not the doctor recommends it be a shorter (Generalist basis) or longer (Specialist) treatment. The letter must be signed by the physician.

Please read the page about reimbursement.

After several intakes, we will make a treatment plan together and decide which treatment might best help you. Then we will implement that and make adjustments if needed.

I use (online) Routine Outcome Measurement to monitor your progress. Information about your progress is sent anonymously to the SVR which organizes the data and eventually sends it to Stichting Benchmark. That is to monitor the effectiveness of my treatments.

When you are ready to stop therapy, we have a rounding off session and make a plan for your aftercare and relapse prevention.

When you are finished with therapy, a bill is sent to your insurance company and you will receive a bill from them for the (remainder of your) yearly deductible of the year in which you began therapy. If your treatment lasts more than a year, you would also be billed for the continuation of your treatment for the year in which that takes place.