Treatment during coronavirus pandemic:

Treatment will continue but in other forms than normally. I do video calling sessions with a secure program developed for mental health care. It is easy to use. I just send you a link. With a laptop, you don't need to download anything. With a smartphone (Android or IOS) there is something to download.

Face- to- face sessions v.s. video or telephone sessions will be determined after making a risk assessment and considering the preferences of the client.

Virus precautions will be used:

  • We do not shake hands.
  • We keep a distance of one and a half meters.
  • I ask you to wash your hands thoroughly immediately upon entering.
  • I clean surfaces you may touch.
  • I suggest you not touch the doors to the building, the doorbell, and the elevator buttons with your fingers.

If you do not feel well, stay home, and cancel your session. The same applies to me. There will be no financial penalty for canceling even at the last minute due to not feeling well during coronavirus time.