Couples and family therapy

Problems in a partner relationship or in the family system often cause emotional pain and suffering. If left untreated they can even lead to personal and family dysfunction. When conflicts are handled in an unhealthy, ineffective way, or if families break apart it hurts everyone, especially children.

I treat relationship problems and family problems using a family systems approach. Firstly, the problems will be explored and the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and the relationship will be assessed. Background information about families of origin is also very useful to look at. Then structural and strategic changes can be made.

There is a strong focus on communication skills. When couples learn to communicate with each other more effectively and respectfully, problems can be better addressed and solutions and compromises can often be found to improve the way people relate to one another.

Please note that couples therapy is no longer covered by health insurance companies. I work with people on a sliding scale based on their ability to pay. If one client of the couple is already in therapy with me for a mental health disorder, some couple or family sessions can be covered under that client's treatment.