Sandplay Therapy

The method of Sandplay the NVST uses is based on the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung and the methodology of Dora Kalff as it has been developed specifically for Sandplay.

Combined with traditional talk therapy, Sandplay adds an experiential aspect of therapy using sand, water and a wide variety of miniature symbols and natural objects to give shape to inner experiences in the free and protected space of a sand table.

By giving expression to inner images and unconscious content through a three-dimensinal tangible and visible form, a process of self-representation and integration is created. This can help to work on inner contradictions and psychological problems in a playful and creative way contained within a professional therapeutic relationship. This may lead to increased balance. Also, new sources of energy and creativity literally come "in-sight".

The method is nonverbal, experiential and simultaneously part of a normal (verbal) psychotherapeutic process. It may be used as part of play and creative therapy for children, as well as in traditional therapy with adults.

(Paraphrased from the brochure of the Nederlands Vereniging voor Sandplay Therapie/NVST)