Insurance reimbursement and costs of care

I have contracts with the following insurance companies for longer-term therapy: CZ group, DSW group, Menzis group, Multizorg/VRZ group, VGZ group, and Zilveren Kruis group.

It can happen that in the second half of the year my budget ceiling can have been used up with some insurance companies who put a cap on how much I can be paid by them per year and I will not be able to accept any more clients insured with them. I will check that for you when you contact me. It will also be posted on the page named registration and waiting times.

The costs of mental health care are determined by the insurance companies and the Nationale Zorg Authoriteit (NZa) under the system of diagnosis treatment combinations (DBCs), even the shorter generalist basic treatments have predetermined costs based on blocks of time rather than individual sessions.


If you only come once or twice for intakes it can cost up to about 200 euros for the session and that falls under the yearly deductible (eigen risico). If you are not sure you want to actually begin therapy with me or are shopping around for a therapist, that can be quite expensive if you use your insurance. There is also the option to pay for intakes only yourself but which will not affect the yearly deductible owed for any specialist visits, including psychological care.

Some psychological problems are reimbursed by insurance companies but some are not. Some of the treatment methods are covered under insurance and some are not. We will discuss that together when we make a treatment plan.

Note: There is a yearly deductible ('eigen risico') for everyone, which you must pay to the insurance company. A referral from your GP or medical specialist is required for insurance reimbursement. The doctor (or doctor's mental health assistant) will decide if the treatment needs to be of short or long duration. In the case of lighter problems you may not be referred to a therapist but rather treated by the POH. The doctor's referral must have the doctor's personal AGB code, signature, and practice stamp on it to be valid. The date of the referral must not be older than 6 months.

Privacy: What we discuss is confidential. However, since 2014 insurance companies demand to be informed of your diagnoses. Insurance companies have the right to do material controls to be sure we therapists are billing for sessions we actually have had with you. There is always the possibility to pay for the treatment yourself. That assures the most privacy and freedom.

My fee is approximately 75% of the NZa tariff for self-payers. In the case of financial hardship, I will lower the fee to something more affordable within a reasonable limit.


No-shows and appointments not canceled 24 hours ahead of time will be charged to you in the amount of 100 euros. Insurance does not reimburse no-shows or cancellations made on the same day. Bills not paid will be turned over to a collection agency.