Registration and waiting times

I am very sorry to report that as of September 2023, I cannot take on any more new clients/patients for the rest of 2023. I already scheduled some new clients to start each month, and I have current clients who will continue for a while. You are welcome to email me at to enquire about waiting times.

It can be that in the second half of the year, I will have to refuse some clients/patients if my budget with some insurance companies is used up. It will appear here on this page if that becomes the case. At this time, it does not matter which insurance company you have.

When I make an appointment with you for intakes, you can usually begin treatment within three to four weeks, regardless of which insurance company you have. When you find the waiting time too long, you can contact your insurance company to ask that they see someone with a shorter waiting time.

Your insurance company will try to support you in finding a therapist. Some of them have e-health programs you can use in the meantime.

I don't maintain a waiting list because I schedule people in advance if possible, and if that is not possible, I have to stop entirely until spaces open up.

  • It is best to contact me via email since I often cannot pick up the phone.
  • Please do not write any confidential information in the email. I can refer you to a safe emailing system on Zivver.
  • Please see the contact page for contact information.

You will need a referral from your family doctor (huisarts) or medical specialist before you see me to use health insurance. The doctor and the practice mental health assistant will determine whether or not you need a shorter or longer treatment and will write a referral. You should bring this doctor's referral letter to the first session and a valid form of identification such as a passport, residence permit or driver's license, and your insurance card.

Please note that you must pay for the session yourself if you have not gotten a doctor's referral before the first appointment.

Suppose you are on a waiting list at an institute for mental health care, and they have a long time for intake or treatment. In that case, I may be able to support you during your waiting period with a referral from your family doctor or medical specialist if I have space for new clients. In that case, the doctor's referral should be for specialist care. If you need to be seen by a psychiatrist because of complicated medical or psychiatric issues, I will refer you to a psychiatrist. If you see me for short-term treatment only, I will have to end therapy with you and guide you to a psychiatrist. If you are accepted into an institute for treatment, we will also have to end our therapy together in most cases because of the insurance reimbursement rules.