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Welcome to my website! This should provide you with some general information about my practice in Amsterdam.

Treatment during coronavirus pandemic:

Treatment will continue but in other forms than normally.

I try to minimize face-to-face sessions as much as possible. One exception would be for an intake session.
After intakes, treatment may be done by phone, video calling, and ehealth upon mutual agreement.

Virus precautions will be used. We do not shake hands. We keep a distance of one and a half meters.
I ask you to wash your hands thoroughly immediately upon entering. I keep surfaces you may touch clean.
I ask you not to touch doors to the building, doorbell, and elevator buttons with your bare hands. Use your clothing, paper tissue, or plastic bag.

If you do not feel well, stay home and cancel your session. There will be no financial penalty for canceling.

That way we keep you and me safe and healthy and prevent spreading the virus.

About me and my work:

I am an American-Dutch psychologist working in Amsterdam since 1993. I have a Psy. D. (Doctor of Psychology) degree and am registered in the Netherlands (BIG Register) as a psychotherapist (Psychotherapeut) and healthcare psychologist (GZ Psycholoog).

My BIG number as psychotherapist is 19048873316 and as GZ Psychologist is 19048873325.

Mine is a solo practice so I do all my own assessments and treatments. I work in the specialist mental health care as well as the generalist basic mental health care. As expected of us as professionals, I take part in collegial intervision and supervision and get continuing education.

I also work together in cooperation with your own family doctor/huisarts, medical specialist, company doctor as well as with colleague psychologists, psychotherapists, family therapist and psychiatrists as needed. In case of a life threatening emergency you should contact your family doctor and eventually the crisis center (crisis dients ggz) in your part of town.

My training is very broad and I utilize an intuitive blend of Interpersonal Therapy, EMDR, (online) Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, (Jungian Analytic) Sandplay Therapy (according to the method of Dora Kalff), Art Therapy, Inner Child techniques, Reality Therapy, and Transpersonal Therapy. I try to fit the treatment to the individual client, his or her wishes and goals for therapy, and the problem(s). I care about my clients and work in an ethical manner.

In my general psychology-psychotherapy practice I treat most common psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. That includes, for example, depression, anxiety; issues around difficulty with limits on alcohol or drug use, sexual behavior and romantic relationships; codependency (long term problems in your relationship with yourself and others); personal, relationship and family problems; (sexual) identity issues; stress and burnout; dealing with difficulties associated with health problems such as cancer and other (chronic) illnesses, including living with chronic pain. I also help people with issues regarding experiences with spirituality or religion. I have a broad knowledge about most major religions and alternative spiritual practices and respect and work within the belief system of the client.

One area of special focus is the treatment of traumas such as (childhood) abuse and neglect, being bullied, victims of domestic violence, war trauma, accidents and disasters.

Office hours are weekdays, except Wednesdays between 14:00 and 20:00.

I am a member of the following professional associations:

LVVP Landelijk Vereniging voor Vrijgevestigde Psychologen en Psychotherapeuten (National association for psychologists and psychotherapists in private practice)

The LVVP has a complaint and differences commission at Postbus 13086 3507 LB Utrecht. klachtencommissie-lvvp@kbsadvocaten.nl

NVGzP Nederlands Vereniging voor Gezondheidspsychologie en haar specialismen (Netherlands Association for Health Care Psychology and their specialisms)
VEN Vereniging EMDR Nederland
NVST Nederlands Vereniging voor Sandplay Therapie (Netherlands association for sandplay therapy)